Mona The Monarch

Passport: New Guinea; Amy the Argus/ Passport: Africa; Lewis the Legionnaire/ 

Passport: South Africa; Natalie the Natal Legionnaire/  Passport: Madagascar; Fred the Fiery Legionnaire

Passport:Africa; Brad the Black-Spot Legionnaire/ Passport: Chris the Common Crow

Passport: Mexico; Mary the Magnificent Owl/  Passport: United States: Mona the Monarch

Passport: Europe; Chris the Common Blue;/ Passport: Kenya; Lily the Lady's Maid

Passport: Bolivia; Tammy the Orange Tanmark/ Passport: Himalayas;  Whitney the Large White

Passport: Mexico; Larry the Malachite Longwing/  Passport: Brazil;  Mary the Orange Mapwing

Passport:  Indonesia;  Lara the Lacy Tree Nymph/   Passport: Brazil;  Matthew the White Morpho

Passport:  Kenya, South Africa;  Fran the Forest Queen/